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Excellence, Teamwork and Commitment

Siphiwe Moyo is a global professional speaker based in South Africa. He is an Adjunct Faculty member at GIBS, Henley and Wits business schools. He applies behavioural science principles and practices in organisations to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.

Siphiwe is an Organisational Culture, Human Performance Improvement and Organisational Behaviour Specialist.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration, an Executive Development Programme, a B Comm. (Honours) in People Development and a Bachelor’s Degree (cum laude) in Human Resources. He is the Chief People Officer at Twice Blue, Chairman at the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and the Past Chapter President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA).

He has presented to a large number of blue-chip companies, both locally and abroad, which include:

  • Bloomberg,
  • Nedbank,
  • Barclays Africa,
  • First Rand,
  • Coca Cola,
  • MMI Holdings,
  • Tiger Brands,
  • Discovery Holdings,
  • Old Mutual
  • Sanlam, and many more. 

What Do Business Leaders Say About Him?

  • Gary Van Prooyen, ISACA (Chicago), Vice President, Marketing and Communications: Mr. Moyo was an engaging and energetic speaker who mixed personal narrative, comedy and business insights into his message.  To his credit, Mr. Moyo tailored his presentation to his African audience with perspectives that were authentic and relevant.   The crowd loved his humour and spoke highly of his ability to speak as “one of us”.   With his ability to mix African perspectives with universal business trends, Mr. Moyo is a strong option for EMEA events.
  • Alexis Thean: Operations Executive at Salvo Global, Singapore “what an honour to have such a great speaker”.
  • Martin Simpkins, Managing Director at Forward Networking, Netherlands: “Siphiwe’s personality is really incredible – he literally made this event great”.
  • Thulani Sibeko, Nedbank Group Executive: Marketing, Communications and Corporate Affairs: “Great choice of speaker. He had substance which makes people stop and reflect and he engages the audience with humour”
  • Christian des Closieres, CEO of TOTAL SA & Executive Vice President of TOTAL Southern Africa: “Thank you very much; you are simply great”.
  • Pearl Maphoshe, Group Human Capital Executive at Pick n Pay: “not many people can motivate me, thank you Siphiwe”
  • Grace Dipale, Group HR Executive at Business Connexion: “Thank you so much for ensuring that our graduation was a huge success. Your contribution on the day played a huge role in setting the mood for the event! You were awesome – thank you!
  • Martin Malesa: Senior Human Resources Manager at Anglo American: “I was sitting with Siphiwe in the same table and he was a shy guy but immediately when he gets on stage, it is as if he was possessed with something”

Some Of Siphiwe’s Talks:

Get over it!

In his flagship keynote, Motivational Speaker Siphiwe Moyo says that many people for some reason believe that life ought to be easy. This keynote is a hard-hitting, humorous presentation of hard facts about life that is meant to challenge participants to get over any situation that they may be in. Some of the lessons in this key­ note include the following:

  • Life is difficult – get over it.
  • Contrary to popular belief the world owes you absolutely nothing.
  • Talk is cheap. Eventually people get tired of all your promises.

Siphiwe’s ability to present these tough, challenging facts of life in a very humorous way has endeared him to the hearts of many.

 Position yourself for progress

In business there’s a concept called Strategic Positioning. This concept is used mostly in Marketing and in Strategy. It is about how a business positions itself in the market for success. It’s about how a business can create a distinct impression in the customer’s mind. It’s about certain choices you make to position the business to win.

In this talk, Siphiwe uses the concept of strategic positioning to talk about personal positioning; how people can use these principles to position themselves for career and life progress. In his usual hard-hitting yet humorous way he presents lessons such as:

  • People who are too nice to you want you to stay where you are
  • Be willing to start small
  • Being easily offended can limit your career progress
  • People will always be harsh on you when you start, don’t take it personal – do the work and they will come around.

The Pain of Preparation

The Pain of Preparation: The things you go through when you’re being prepared for a significant assignment and HOW you should respond

I know I’m a striker. The leadership team (EXCO) knows I’m a striker so why am I in the bench? Why am I the twelfth man, giving other players drinks when the coach knows I should be the opening batsman?

This leadership development talk is exclusively for talented junior and middle management employees who are being earmarked for significant roles. You know those that are on 9, 8, 5 and 6 on The 9 Box Performance and Potential Matrix? It would be most relevant when you are launching a new leadership development programme such as a JMP, MMP, NMDP, SMP, SMDP or learnership.  It will prepare delegates well for the journey that they are about to embark on.

Forging ahead in a tough economic environment

There is no doubt that we have serious challenges as a country at the moment:

  • The economic environment is tough right now.
  • The political environment is quite volatile.
  • In these tough times, you can either look outside the window and be overwhelmed by what is happening in the external environment.
  • Or you can focus within as a person/leader and ask yourself what is it you can do to increase your own personal/team performance even in a tough economic environment.
  • Siphiwe argues in this talk that in these tough, turbulent times, it is much better to look in the mirror rather than outside the window.
  • You can increase your effectiveness by simply asking the question, “Right now, at this moment, given this situation; am I focusing on something I can control, or am I obsessing over something I can’t control?”

In this talk, Siphiwe speaks about those things you can change in a tough economy to improve personal and team productivity.

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