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Frequently Asked Questions when looking for Professional Speakers

How do I book a Speaker from MG&A?

Call us today. Whether you have a specific Speaker in mind or you need recommendations to meet a special conference objective, we will work with you to pin-point which Speaker will best meet your established needs

Why should I choose MG&A as my Speaker Source?

MG&A only works with Speakers who have a proven track record, are experts in their field and have the ability to connect with their audience. In addition to that, we have for close on two decades built our reputation as the country’s leading Speakers Bureau with our outstanding service, attention to detail and ongoing back-up from the confirmation of your booking to the day of your event.

You can rest assured that our team of top professionals are the best in the business – ready to make your job of Speaker selection easy and to help make your next conference a smash success.

Does it cost more to book a Speaker through your Bureau?

No, the fees for our services are included in our Speaker’s fee.

What can we expect to pay for a top Speaker?

Speaking fees vary from Speaker to Speaker. Fees are based on the Speaker’s expertise and the demand for his or her availability and the services required.

Because each Speaker has a unique fee structure we suggest that you request a written quotation.

Most Speakers charge a basic fee for a one hour presentation however these vary according to the location of the conference venue, travel time and day of the week.

Other than the Speaker's fee are there other costs to consider?

Should the Speaker need to travel to get to your conference venue, the client is responsible for any travel costs (i.e. airfare, ground travel, car rental) and accommodation expenses.

Who books the Speakers' travel, car rental and accommodation?

This is usually arranged by the client unless otherwise agreed with the Speaker Bureau. We find that the client usually prefers to make these arrangements, however we are available to provide this service if requested.

Can you provide us with some background information on the recommended Speakers and the topics they address?

Yes, the Bureau can provide you with Speaker background profiles that also include presentation topics.

Are references and client feedback on a Speaker's past presentations and work available to us?

Yes, we would love to share those references with you! We love to “brag” about our Speakers.

What is the length of a standard keynote presentation?

The length of a Speaker’s presentation is usually 60 minutes but it can vary from 45 minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes depending on the time available and the Speaker’s presentation content.

Can we talk with the Speaker's before our conference?

Many of our Speakers are available to speak with you – both prior to you booking them as your Speaker as well as after the confirmation has been made.

All of our Speakers appreciate the opportunity to gain a more in depth understanding of the client’s objectives and aims for their function. This can be at a face to face briefing meeting or if time or travel are prohibitive, a telephonic discussion or conference call can be arranged.

Can the Speaker adapt their presentation to our special established objectives?

Yes, most Speakers have flexibility in their presentation content. This is also part of the benefit of a briefing meeting or telephonic briefing/conference call.

In addition, we ask the client to fill out two important documents. One is the Audience Profile form. This form gives the Speaker the demographics of the audience (i.e. men, women, age, position, work, number of delegates, etc).

The second document, “Briefing Notes”, gives the client the opportunity to brief the Speaker in writing about the function/conference objectives, goals and desired outcome.

Does the Speaker require audio/visual equipment to give their presentation?

Most Speakers’ presentations are supported by equipment – the rental of this equipment is for the client’s account.

Can we record the Speaker's Presentation?

No audio or visual recordings of our Speakers’ presentations are permitted unless negotiated before the event.

If a Speaker has written a book or made a DVD could they be available to be purchased at our conference?

Yes, and our Speakers give special discounted rates on their products when they are booked for a speaking engagement.

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