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About Marie Grey & Associates

Marie Grey & Associates is an innovative and dynamic company working with South Africa’s leading professional speakers, master of ceremonies and comedians.

With a legacy of over 30 years, Marie Grey & Associates is the country’s most successful and respected Speakers Bureau.

The best of the best!
MG&A is committed to bringing the most interesting, inspiring and best professional speakers to your conference. The Bureau sees it as their job to identify excellent speakers and to represent those whose messages can assist organizations in transformation, leadership, sales, teamwork, disruptive technology, political and economic scenarios and lots more.

Most importantly, Marie and her team are the best known for their attention to detail, world-class client service, creative ideas and sound speaker recommendations.

As many clients are first time users of a professional speakers bureau, our experienced advisers can assist them in establishing their special needs and objectives and then help to marry these to the best speaker choice.

Want a great international speaker?
Only MG&A has the international affiliations and experience necessary to track and book great speakers. We are able to link into the International Network of leading speaker bureaus, which means that we can often source renowned speakers at no extra cost to our client. This ensures continuity of contact and we remain your partner on the ground in South Africa.


Marie Grey

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