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Expert Mentalist and Master Influencer

Known as the Master of Influence, Gilan Gork is a corporate speaker and entertainer hired by companies all over the world for his professional shows and expert keynote talks.

Gilan has presented to Fortune500 companies in 20 countries, and he’s the author of the bestselling book Persuasion Games.

As part of Gilan’s distinctive presentation style, he interactively demonstrates a remarkable ability to extract people’s thoughts and to influence them. He explains how through psychology, body language, suggestion and presentation, you can increase your ability to positively, ethically increase your influence ability.

Gilan’s perspectives are a result of his 18 years’ experience as a mentalist, and having studied influence in considerable detail with many experts, including psychologists, scientists and behavioural economists.  Gilan teaches how to apply a working knowledge of influence and persuasion to real-life practical situations, especially to do with selling, negotiation, leadership, and so on.

Not just teaching, Gilan is also often hired to engage audiences with his interactive show called The Mentalist Experience. In this show, which has toured internationally, Gilan demonstrates how he can read and influence people’s thoughts, and predict their choices before they make them. This is presented in an extremely entertaining way, either as a show or as part of a master of ceremonies role.

Gilan can develop a bespoke session tailored to the exact outcomes you desire.

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