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Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Author and Entrepreneur, Organisational Culture & Diversity Expert.

Buhle is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of 6 books.
He helps his clients leverage the benefits of diversity and shows leaders and teams how to create the most productive and effective organizational cultures.

Buhle has received a Nation-Building award from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has worked with leaders around the world including Nelson Mandela, and is an associate of the Cultural Intelligence Centre in Michigan.

Buhle speaks on:

  • Creating a Winning Culture
  • Leading Difference Differently
  • Mind the (Generation) Gap
  • Future Trends

Clients have experienced

  • Going beyond compliance and social transformation to genuine
    business benefit and strategic advantage from the way you engage with diversity in your organization.
  • Improved ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Understanding of the disruptive forces shaping the world and how your organization should respond today.

Delivery style

Buhle’s delivery style is personal, entertaining and laced with both humour and story-telling. He puts focus on practical applications ensuring real-life learnings and tangible business outcomes.

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