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Journalist, Producer and Radio Talk Show Host

Redi Tlhabi is a highly distinguished South African Journalist, Producer, Radio and Television Presenter, columnist and Author.

Redi’s daily radio program is acknowledged as the leading platform in South Africa for the general public wishing to hear newsmakers being challenged and asked to account.

Redi aggressively addresses all of the social and political issues currently facing South Africa’s including crime, corruption, foreign policy, education, politics along with community and social issues.

The Redi Tlhabi Show is the bridge that connects the audience to the newsmakers. Redi has popularized the round table, town hall format where newsmakers from different ideological positions come together for a live panel discussion in front of an audience. With a sharp and incisive interviewing style, Redi brings nuance and lively delivery to the audience.

Redi has facilitated debates on international platforms such as Aljazeera and BBC World News. Redi has won numerous awards for her work.
Apart from her radio show on 702 and CapeTalk, she has also hosted several television news shows and has been a guest anchor on international broadcasters SKY and the BBC.

Redi also writes a weekly influential column in South Africa’s most read newspaper, The Sunday Times, tackling a variety of subjects like crime, global warming, international trade, and sexual violence, amongst others.
On Al-Jazeera, she worked on South 2 North as a presenter and producer. Her most notable work on the show includes interviews with IMF Head Christine Lagarde, Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and former United Secretary General Mr Kofi Annan.

Redi also facilitated a round table discussion with The Group of Elders, made up of Annan, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson and Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The two part series tackled ethical leadership in the 21st century and the role of the International Criminal Court in fostering peace and stability. Redi has interviewed news makers like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Colin Powell, Bono and Mo Ibrahim.

During UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to South Africa in 2011, Redi was chosen by the UK High Commission to facilitate a panel discussion between Cameron and influential South African business leaders, on entrepreneurship as the driver to economic growth. She has also interviewed a number of African heads of state.

Redi was commissioned to work as a guest presenter on both BBC World and Radio for a four part special broadcast on the impact of mining in Africa. When BBC Radio’s midday show celebrated its 20 year milestone, Redi was among the five top candidates to present a daily program.

She was selected to work alongside John Snow for the United Kingdom’s Channel 4 coverage of the historic G8 Summit in Gleneagles. She provided an African insight on debt relief and climate change and its impact on poor communities.

Redi was the first news anchor of South Africa’s first 24 hour news channel, ENCA. She was recruited to be the first presenter to welcome viewers to this watershed broadcasting experience in Africa and presented News Night, the flagship news program every week night from 7pm to 9pm. She held this position while presenting her daily morning radio program.

Her first television program, Today In Africa, was seen across the African continent and covered African developments at the height of the Zimbabwean financial crisis, Sierra Leone’s disarmament, the DRC conflict, Rwanda’s recovery and the birth of the African Union, which she covered live for SABC Africa.

Redi co-produced a documentary on former South African president Thabo Mbeki. It was one of nine commissioned by the South African Broadcast Corporation to profile the life and work of nine prominent South Africans. It was banned by the public broadcaster whose managers were too uncomfortable with its boldness.
Redi is a sought after public speaker and was invited by Oprah Winfrey to speak at the first O You! Conference in Africa. The conference charged South Africans to live purposeful lives.

Redi Tlhabi published her first book Endings and Begins: A Story of Healing with Jacana in 2013.

The memoir profiles her life as an eleven year old girl with an uncomfortably close relationship with a much older neighbourhood gangster. This book is not only a personal story but a reflection on the endemic rape in South African society in the 1980’s and how this sexual violence dominates contemporary South Africa.

The book was reviewed by Oxford Professor and author Jonny Steinberg. It received popular and critical acclaim and is being turned into a screenplay for a movie. Her work on this book won her the coveted Sunday Times Alan Paton Award for non-fiction.

True to her passion, Redi Tlhabi is a literacy and sexual violence activist; she involves herself in projects that promote literacy and literature. She facilitates discussions at prominent book festivals in South Africa.
Her work on advocacy against sexual violence includes organizing a march to South Africa’s biggest taxi rank in protest against women and girls being harassed and abused by taxi drivers. Redi consistently uses her platform to challenge the violent expression of male power in our society.

Redi graduated from the University of Johannesburg (formerly known as Rand Afrikaans University) with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and English Literature. She holds an Honours degree in English Literature and is currently reading for a Master’s degree in gender and politics.
She is a member of the prestigious United Nations Global Journalists Corps. Redi is a bold, authentic and entertaining broadcaster and believes she has a lot to offer an international audience.


Charlayne Hunter-Gault – former CNN Johannesburg Bureau Head
Jon Blair – CBE – writer, film producer and director of documentary films, drama and. He is the only director of documentaries working in the United Kingdom who has won all three of the premier awards in his field: an Oscar, an Emmy (twice) and a British Academy Award
Jon Snow – Channel 4 journalist and television presenter.
Jonny Steinberg – Professor, African Studies, Oxford University, Award winning author

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