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C.E.O. Leader. Influencer. Writer. Thinker. Speaker

Ian is a C.E.O, leader, influencer, writer, thinker and last but absolutely not least, a very talented speaker.

Ian is passionate about innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and getting stuff done in the social impact space. His audiences are broadly, corporates, academic institutions, entrepreneurial and start-up companies. Ian’s been the C.E.O. of a company with an employee base of 10,000. He has a great professional reputation and is well known and recognized in the areas he speaks about.

Key speaking topics
Examples of some of the topics Ian covers…

1. An overnight success after 25 years’ hard work
An irreverent and heartfelt of view of the journey from being just another graduate trainee to becoming CEO of the largest technology company in Africa. Ian shares the lessons learnt the hard way, in a way designed to guide, inspire and focus the audiences’ mind on how they chart the next phase in their own leadership journeys.

2. Re-booting your business from inside out
Ian lays out his controversial and insightful perspective on ‘organisational cholesterol’, and shares views on the way forward for the audiences’ businesses or sector. The talk focuses on the inevitable complexity of getting things done in large organisations, and how to reboot your metabolic rate.

3. Disruption in disruptive times
Focusing on the impact that new technology has on your customers, and how that disruption will impact your business/sector, Ian questions the relevance of your business in todays’ changing world, and asks some pointed questions about your responsiveness to change.

4. The R50bn question
Every year, over R50bn is raised from the JSE250 companies for investment in Skills Development and Enterprise Development. But where does that money go? More importantly, where should that money go? Ian lays out an exciting new investment case for RSA Inc, which we dare not ignore.

What do people say after hearing Ian speak?

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ian Russell for several years now and rate him highly as a speaker.
Ian is a brilliant, well-researched and compelling speaker.
I have used Ian as a drawcard on several occasions and he has never disappointed.” -Natalie Maroun, Managing Director The Performance Agency

Fact # 1: In 2018 alone Ian has spoken to over 20 live audiences, inspiring and motivating them in his own irreverent way. Audiences include the Gordon Institute of Business Science, Standard Bank, the Explore Data Science Academy and the University of the Witwatersrand.

“I’ve heard Ian speak publicly on a number of occasions to groups ranging from a dozen to well over 500.
He is well prepared, often irreverent, and always thought provoking.
He understands a broad base of global trends and has an informed opinion on a wide range of topics, particularly including how technology is changing the way we live and work and how corporations can and should change their ways of working to benefit society.
He speaks with a notable urgency that holds the audience’s attention and encourages them to challenge their long held beliefs or rethink their understanding of issues.”-
Chris Mitchell, Partner,
Bain & Co.
Fact # 2: Ian helped to fund and set up the largest coding academy on the continent. ‘we think code_’

“Ian Russell’s recent presentation ‘Banking in Disruptive Times’ was thought provoking and received rave reviews.
Ian is a passionate and engaging speaker who touches both the heart and intellect of his audience. He is dynamic, powerful and fun.
The audience will walk away inspired and with actions they can take immediately for more success. I highly recommend Ian.” –
CRDB Bank of Tanzania
Dave Kahwa.
Fact # 3 Ian’s extensive not for profit board experience includes #iamthecode, the Telkom Foundation, Christel House and CiTi Organisation. Ian has an absolute focus on using the opportunity that education brings to empower people to grow and grow strongly and proudly.

“I was always inspired by Ian’s speaking ability and how inspirational and motivational he was with employees, and on the flip-side could be charismatic, insightful and knowledgeable when interviewed by media.
Ian is a must on a speaker list as he is able to hold an audience’s attention and is extremely engaging and enlightening all at the same. Give him a topic and he will make it sparkle and come alive in your minds’ eye.”
Jess Mason, Chief Marketing Officer
Fact # 4 Ian is a strong driver of diversity in the workplace. Under Ian’s care, the 2018 class of students at the Explore Data Science Academy is made up of 86% black students, 42% female students, 54% students under 25, and 42% of students with certifications no higher than matric.

Suits & Sneakers

“We recently had Ian Russell as our guest speaker at one of our Suits & Sneakers CEO Series events.
Ian was witty and entertaining, while offering valuable insights, and engaging and inspiring the audience with his anecdotes and wealth of experience.”
Mark Sham, Founder/ C.E.O. Suits & Sneakers.
Fact(s) # 5: Ian likes to ride fast horses and drive even faster cars. He has two children, three dogs and five horses. He’s married and currently lives in Joburg, but is originally from the U.K.


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