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From The Streets To The Boardroom Frankly Speaking about what it takes to move beyond just living to thriving! “What’s Your Why? The Power of Purpose”

Frank is a vivid storyteller. He puts his hard learned lessons as a broke, unemployed and homeless young man, in the early 1990s in Johannesburg into the context of any organisation. Frank’s message will equip your team with the tools, and inspiration to improve individual and organization effectiveness as well as to accelerate and breathe new life into performance. His message is motivational, highly relevant, inspirational and, most importantly, actionable.

In 1992, Frank was broke, unemployed and homeless.
Frank’s first business was selling fruit and vegetables in downtown Johannesburg. Through this business, Frank “beat the odds” and “escaped” homelessness. Over the last two decades, Frank has travelled a fascinating journey “from the streets to the boardroom; Harvard Business School and Beyond.” It all started with “hope on a fruit and vegetables stand”.

Only a decade later, Frank had completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics, a first class Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Mathematics of Finance and a Master of Science degree, with distinction in Financial Mathematics. By then Frank, had embarked on a financial services career that culminated in being appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of divisions of a large listed financial services company in South Africa.

In 2013, Frank completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. Frank is currently reading for a doctorate in financial planning at Kansas State University, USA.
Frank recently left the corporate world to focus on his financial and motivational speaking in addition to democratizing financial wellness in Africa through Thrive Financial Wellness that he serves as Founder and CEO.

• “Hold Fast to Your Dreams” “What’s Your Why? The Power of Purpose”
• “From Homeless to the Boardroom and Beyond”
• “Your Money. Your Story. Your Life”
• “Harness the Fire: Adapting to Change”

Feedback from one of Frank’s presentations.

“Massive thanks and such gratitude for suggesting and facilitating the gig with Frank Magwegwe – It is seldom, that a generally disengaged and cynical group of employees, respond so passionately to a Speaker – Frank’s anecdotal and sometimes very comedic recount of his very personal and moving journey to purpose was nothing short of mind-blowing. Our audience clearly thought so too as he was saluted with a standing ovation from all 350 guests at the end of his presentation.
Thank you so much for letting us know about Frank – He is a phenomenal human being and outstanding story-teller with a simple yet exceptionally poignant message that hits home – sometimes really hard!”
Greg Reed-MD of Idealab.


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