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International Motivational Speaker, Extreme Adventurer, Conservationist, Youth Developer, TV Presenter And Author Of The Best Seller, The Great Run.

Braam’s adventures are extraordinary and always purpose driven. He is a riveting international motivational speaker, applying lessons learnt from his experiences to talk about themes relating to goals, courage, leadership, teamwork, purpose and making the impossible possible.

Braam has an infectious energy that is fed by his life-long passion to protect the environment and inspire change. Braam places great emphasis on the importance of leadership in society and how to move from a culture of blame and entitlement to one of personal growth.

In 2006 Braam, together with a running partner, accomplishing a world first by running 2, 610 miles (4, 200 kms) along the entire length of the Great Wall of China in single attempt. This translated into running an average of more than a full marathon a day for 98 days.

In 2008 Braam, achieved a second world-first by running the entire coastline of South Africa, a distance of over 1, 988 miles (3, 200 kms).
These expeditions raised over R2.5 million for Operation Smile, providing corrective surgery for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate disfigurements.

In 2010 Braam was invited to be a presenter on the SABC2 nature program 50/50. He was a field presenter on contentious environmental issues, but he also developed his own slot:
“Get connected with Braam”.

In 2011 Braam, and his partner, Peter van Kets, represented South Africa in an unassisted race to the South Pole, a distance of approximate 552 miles (888 kms), which they covered in 24 days. They did this while man-hauling sleds weighing around 188 lbs (85 kgs) each, in a climate with high winds and an average temperature of -49° Fahrenheit (-45° C).

On the 9th May 2017, Braam achieved his third world-first. Together with his rowing partner he rowed a 6.8m rowing boat 8,100kms from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 92 days. The pair rowed in two-hourly shifts, with one rowing while the other made water and food and slept. The journey was fraught with problems, such as being capsized four times by 40 foot waves and being submerged for five minutes, their water declinator not working and having super tankers bearing down on them 27 times. The sleep deprivation took its toll on both of them but their purpose; to highlight the plight of our finite Earth and what each of us can do to mitigate the atrocities we have committed through over-consumption, over-population and greed.


2010 – Men’s Health 2010 Unsung Hero
2012 – SABC3 Enviropaedia Eco Logic Award in the Category Eco Warrior
2014 – Listed in City Press as Top 100 World Class South Africans
2015 – Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership award for outstanding service to the people of southern Africa through communication and leadership
2015 – Awesome South Africans-of-the-Year award for 2015
2016 – The Titans Building Nations Country award for most influential man in Leadership and Motivation through action in the SME sector, as well as the SADC Regional title.


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The Great Run


Institute For Accountability In Southern Africa (Name now changed to Accountability Now).
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