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“Make it Happen” Self-Improvement, Attitude, Success

Abner is an inspirational speaker, transformation and development consultant and change architect whose enthusiasm is contagious. He consistently dazzles his audience – not with complicated theories, but with real-life examples of the importance of persistence, determination, passion and hard work.

During his seven years in the United States, Abner obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA. In addition, this multi-talented professional speaker also worked on many entertainment projects which lead him to cross paths with comedian Bill Cosby, Little Steven, the legendary music producer Quincy Jones and Mrs Martin Luther King Jnr – the widow of the great American Civil Rights Leader.

Having spent seven years in exile, Abner returned to South Africa and established Empowa Investments with top businessman Caesar Molebatsi. Empowa is a 100% black owned business with the aim of harnessing investment opportunities in South Africa.

Abner’s style of presentation is adaptable and tailor-made to the client’s needs – from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Key Points to “Make it Happen”

  • Make it happen… welcome responsibility: through taking responsibility comes greatness.
  • Be responsible for who you are (stop blaming and stop making excuses)
  • Create an environment for change
  • The easiest way to cope with change is to help create it
  • Be responsible for what you can do (you are not superman or superwoman) do what you CAN and be responsible for your actions
  • Escape your comfort zone
  • There is always another peak to climb
  • Take responsibility and manage responsibility
  • Believe in the people working with you
  • Build trust – the great empowerment foundation must be trust
  • Share information – information breeds confidence
  • Create a sense of ownership
  • Help other people to prosper, succeed, and realise their dreams
  • Accept accountability
  • Keep your integrity and develop your character
  • Self-Motivation
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