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Robin Banks

Robin Banks is one of the countryís top motivational speakers and leading personal development trainers.

Robinís positive attitude, passion and energy are infectious and his mission is to empower people to take charge of their lives and create a brighter future for themselves.

He has the ability to combine solid content with a humorous and dynamic presentation. People from all walks of life, from shelf packers to CEOís, have been transformed and inspired by Robinís presentations.

It is guaranteed that you will leave Robinís presentations feeling highly motivated and inspired!

Audiences learn:
ē How to attain true success in tough times
ē The importance of maintaining a positive attitude
ē How to make each day count at work and in our personal lives
ē How to improve and generate a vibrant energy field

What our clients say ...

"Robin was phenomenal! He energised and revitalised our team who have been talking about him ever since. A number of people commented that he was the best motivational speaker they had ever seen and Iím in agreement. His energy, enthusiasm, insight and candour makes him a powerful motivating force. We sincerely appreciate his generosity and look forward to having him speak for us again!"
Tasha Smith, Group Marketing Manager, Barloworld

"Robin is truly an inspiration to the audience. Although he presented to two different audiences he had a fantastic ability to connect with the audience in their own vernacular and ensure the message related to examples of their lives. It was super having him part of our conferences!"
Geraldene du Toit, Human Resources, Ackermans

"It was absolutely awesome! His energy is uplifting and he brings the message through in a fantastic, humorous way which will always stay with not only me, but most people who listened to him."
Janet Briedenhann, PA to After Sales Director, Hyundai

"A stimulating and motivating presenter, with lasting and meaningful messages to change behaviours."
Mike Heda, CEO, Consolidated Financial Planning

"A message we all know, but delivered in such an entertaining and enthusiastic manner that it rings true on a very different level! A great presentation, one we should all attend- often!"
Irene Ackermann, Head of Marketing, Acsis

"Outstanding! A powerful presentation and message put across in an entertaining way."
Margaret Beaumont, Sales & Marketing Manager: Southern Africa, Herbalife International

"Robinís talk was motivating and energizing - he is brilliant!"
Kim Pistor, Legal and Conveyancing Manager, Rabie Properties

"Robin is one of the best motivational speakers we have ever seen. If you donít know about Robin Banks Ė find out! Donít have an event without him."
Leanne Braithwaite, CEO, Enjo South Africa
Robin Banks - Top Speaker

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Robin Banks