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Tim Plewman

Tim Plewman’s legendary show, “Defending the Caveman”, ran throughout South Africa for nine years to sold-out houses. It has crossed the divides of race, gender, age, culture and religion to become a South African icon, the only show to become one of the things you have to see if visiting the country, along with the Big Five, Cape Town and a gold mine.

After literally thousands of requests from companies to “come and do something for them”, Tim has developed a corporate show that incorporates the wisdom of “Caveman” and comedy, to answer the questions that your people in your company have about relationships today.

In “DESIGNER GENES”, Tim Plewman tackled the world of genetics and the ‘twisted’ helix of male/female relationships. In his inimitable witty way, we travel through puberty, ancient man and the modern world to discover ourselves.

“Designer Genes XXL” takes yet another step along the road to discovering the unique partnership that exist between men and women. Subtitled “The Return of the Caveman”, Tim takes us on a journey from the doctors, the waiting room through puberty, into the genetic double helix that nature created to ensure the survival of the species before arriving at the ties that bind and the revelation that not all men are assholes.

This funny, heart-warming show is the perfect night out for couples of all ages or any man or woman who is thinking of getting into a relationship.

In 2013 Tim released the hilarious book "Fitness for Old Farts", in which he provides practical and honest help to men over the age of 50 hoping to rediscover good health and a respectable physique, while still enjoying mealtimes.

What our clients say ...

SPAR Ladies Day: “Tim was hysterical and had the ladies practically rolling on the floor with his talk!”

KANHYM: You really had us crying with laughter.”

Middelburg CC&I Awards Dinner: “His show was excellent and everybody was still talking about it during the past weeks.”

Gestetner Function, Boksburg: “The crowd thoroughly enjoyed Tim and I have received great feedback – really exceptional.”

Mircera Launch, Kwa Maritane, Pilansberg: “Just a note to thank you for your contribution to making our launch the big success it was. Your involvement certainly broke the ice and set a relaxed and social scene for the rest of the launch, it couldn’t have been a better evening – you being the highlight – Much Enjoyed by All!”

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Tim Plewman