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Chester Missing

Exciting things are currently happening for Top Satirical Political Analyst Puppet Chester Missing: He has a book on the elections hitting the shelves ("Chester Missingís Guide to the Elections Ď14", in collaboration with Zapiro), as well as his regular election spot on Kaya FM, and election coverage on Late Nite News and also as a satirical political analyst for eNCA itself, and bimonthly piece for City Press!

In line with his new book, Chester offers a 30 minute talk explaining politics in South Africa. He spells out in his inimitable puppet fashion the must-knows, the whoís who and the what-what.

ďMissing is my surname. Thatís because I donít know who I am. I was lost and this guy (Conrad Koch) found me on the road years ago. I donít know where I come from and I didnít know who I was. I went to the police station to report myself missing and when they asked for my surname, I said I didnít know. So they wrote ĎMissingí. Even when I typed ĎMissingí on Google to look for my siblings, it came up with the picture of the missing Nkandla report documents,Ē Missing said. ďI thought I worked at the UCT Centre for African Studies but I canít find any record of this. Iím a genius. I just know stuff. Me and Trevor Manuel are the same.Ē

Conrad Koch says Missing is 38 and has been that age since he found him. Koch, 36, who has a masterís degree in social anthropology from the University of Cape Town, says he has been a ventriloquist since childhood and has always been fond of cartoons. Missing has made a lot of friends, including Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba and DA national spokesman Mmusi Maimane.

Since he has no traceable origins, is Missing a South African? ďI donít know if Iím South African, but I hope so. Iím like a metaphor for South African identity. Who are we after apartheid?. Do we accept these racial categpries or do we reinvent ourselves? I donít know. We first have to deal with what happened during apartheid. It was about race but [now we must] stop people thinking that race is a real thing.Ē Asked about his home and occupation, Missing said: ďI live in a suitcase but the ANC calls it a house. Like most South Africans, Iím unemployed. But I work as a political analyst-at-large.Ē

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Chester Missing