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Barry Blomkamp

How many times have you heard - "In terms of" - "On the back burner" - "Balance of probabilities" - "Find equilibrium" - "Paradigm shift" - "Greenfield project" ???

Jargon, jargon and more disingenuous jargon... to be found in the hot air of conferences, sales meetings and suchlike 'talk shops'.

Celebrated SA Inspirational Speaker and entertainer, Barry Blomkamp cuts right through the mumbo jumbo of 'motivation talk' and delivers a message that is real, genuine, unique and truly inspiring... This despite never seeing his audience!

At the top of his business career, Barry was dramatically knocked off his 'bullet-proof pedestal' by a devastating car crash. Barry was very lucky to survive... but the impact left him blind in both eyes.

Barry Blomkamp lost his beloved business, the ability to go motor racing, his young family was in massive trauma, and he now had to deal with a future of complete darkness.

The concept of Barry's story is Unique, powerful and is guaranteed to change people for the better... and provide ABILITY!
Barry Blomkamp - Top Speaker

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Barry Blomkamp