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Riaan Manser

In a World First, top adventurer Riaan Manser and his girlfriend of 14 years, Vasti Geldenhuys, went on a 10 700 km ocean rowing adventure! Alone and unaided, the duo set off from Agadir, Morocco, enduring a 105 day crossing of the Atlantic in a 7 meter rowing boat, landing in Miami, USA on 7 May 2014.

In 2011 Riaan completed his “Iceland Inspiration” journey. This expedition saw Riaan partnered by Dan Skinstad, who has mild cerebral palsy. Dan was at a crossroad in his life where he was desperate to face his physical and mental struggles head on by attempting a physical boot camp or challenge. The duo paddled around the 5, 000km perimeter of Iceland on a double sea kayak for a four-month period.

In yet another world first, almost incredibly, Riaan was the first person to cycle around the perimeter of the continent of Africa. It took him two years, two months and fifteen days. He rode 36 500 kilometres through 34 different countries.

In 2009 Riaan again set another world first when he became the first person to circumnavigate the world’s fourth largest island of Madagascar by kayak; another expedition achieved alone and unaided. Riaan travelled around Madagascar during a period of the country’s most significant political turmoil, which gave him unrivalled insight into the exotic island’s psyche and even earned him two nights in prison on suspicion of carrying out mercenary activities.

With an extended portfolio of engaging stories, photographs and video, Riaan is perfectly positioned to offer fresh and unique motivational talks at a time when the world is clamouring for inspiration. Riaan speaks passionately and humorously about his adventures, receiving accolades from all who attend his presentations.

What our clients say ...

“Fascinating and unusual … a wonderful optimism shone through.”
John Robbie, 702 Talk Radio

“The book is a mélange as varied, tasty and often frightening as the range of cuisine he experienced. It is bright, entertaining and insightful travel writing about a continent that sorely needs a good press.”
Jean-Jacques Cornish, Africa Correspondent

“A performance which will inspire the youth of the continent!”
Nelson Mandela
Riaan Manser - Top Speaker

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Riaan Manser