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Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh is one of the world’s leading inspirational and leadership speakers and an authority on how to achieve the “impossible”. He was the first person to complete a long distance swim in every ocean of the world. He was the first to undertake a swim across the icy waters of the North Pole and the first to swim across a glacial lake on Mt Everest. In a career spanning 27 years the maritime lawyer has pioneered more swims around famous landmarks than any other swimmer in history.

Lewis is a vivid storyteller. His ability to make his story matter has made him one of the most sought after speakers in the world. He talks about the methods he uses to undertake swims, which were deemed “impossible” – choosing the right team, meticulous preparation, the right mind-set, never quitting, and changing when circumstances dictate. Most of all, he talks about having a driving purpose, which for him is to protect our oceans.

Lewis has received numerous awards. In 2010, the World Economic Forum named him a Young Global Leader. In 2013, the United Nations appointed him “Patron of the Oceans”. In the same year, he was also inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

His book “Achieving the Impossible” is an international bestseller.

• How do we achieve the “impossible”? From companies that have set massive
targets and need the strategy and inspiration to get to the next level.
• How do we change? From organisations that know they need to adapt in a fast
changing world.
• How can we work more effectively as a team? From multi-nationals that operate
with teams made up of many different cultures and backgrounds.
• How do we attain excellence? Frequently from leadership teams of companies who
are working in developing economies.

What our clients say ...

“An inspiring and thrilling performance.”

“You did a magnificent speech with Al Gore! Our guests loved it.”
Investec Private Bank

"Highly relevant and motivating."
SAB Miller

"Lewis cleverly linked the lessons he has learnt as a lawyer and a polar explorer to the world of business. The result was gripping!"
One Step Ahead Performance Consulting

"Lewis is an exceptional speaker. His lessons on leadership, motivation and teamwork were spot on."
British Army

“Lewis inspired the whole audience. Each one of us will go home thinking about our responsibilities to our future generations in a much more enlightened way.”
Young President’s Organization (International Chapter)

"Lewis quite simply enthralled us. Not only was he inspirational, but he was humorous, educational, and he successfully conveyed relevant principles from his extraordinary achievements to our day-to-day work".

"A wonderful story of human achievement delivered without any hint of sermon or management guru speak. It was refreshingly different and left the audience entertained, informed and inspired."
London Borough of Merton

Lewis received the highest rating of any speaker at the Swiss Economic Forum in 2009. He is very inspiring and motivating.
Peter Stähli | CEO | Swiss Economic Forum

Lewis Pugh gave the perfect TED talk: a little bit of action, some thinking outside the box, humbling words on the need to respect nature, a happy ending. A Hollywood scriptwriter could not have structured it better.
Financial Times

Lewis is certainly one of the most exciting speakers I have heard. He is a brave and courageous leader who adds a fresh perspective to climate change.
Al Gore | Former Vice President of America

I cannot thank you enough for your speech earlier today at our Leadership Conference. It was absolutely remarkable and your message was a moving and emotional experience. The incredible scale of endeavour, the meticulous preparation, and the emotional magnitude, came through so crisply. Not only are your achievements so incredible and inspiring, but your ability to put them across in such a special way will no doubt have a lasting impact on our leadership team.
Adrian Gore | CEO | Discovery Holdings

Thank you for coming to speak to us. You have a very special gift. Not many people can speak to a group of world leaders like you did - with so much authority and passion. I could have heard a pin drop.
Ted Turner | Founder of CNN

Lewis tells a very inspiring and motivating story of achieving sporting excellence at it's most extreme. I was blown away by it and at the same time saw real value in how we can all approach our challenges and reach our goals.
Gary Kirsten | Former Head Coach | Indian Cricket Team

Lewis spoke to our partner group on the subject of how to achieve difficult goals, how to build and choose great teams, and how to motivate people, most importantly how to motivate oneself. He did a fantastic job – he is a compelling, charismatic (and entertaining) speaker. He is able successfully to draw from his extraordinary physical and mental achievements some fundamental principles that are applicable to many forms of endeavour.
Tom Hall | Equity Partner | Apax Partners

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Lewis Pugh