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  The Africa Series - Highly Recommended!!

The launch of the "Africa Series" of speakers ten years ago was a marketing coup! Using Mother Africa, "where the world began", as a learning tool, these dynamic and unique speakers share powerful business messages.

Alex van den Heever - Africa Series Alex van der Heever - The Power of Relationships
Alex is a new generation of South African speaker, ultimately personable but capable of utterly breaking down cultural barriers in the work place and fostering a generosity of spirit amongst team players. It’s not a methodology he offers but rather an ability to inspire the audience and open their minds to their potential as individuals and as a team. He is a down-to-earth and passionate man who, through his love of the bush and the deep bond that formed between him and his tracker Renias Mhlongo, has learnt the true meaning of the power of relationships. With humour, sensitivity and surprising humility Alex demolishes the walls that isolate each one of us, using the real life story of his life as a game ranger at Londolozi Private Game Reserve and his relationship with Renias, his tracker, to convey transformational wisdom and insights.
Patricia Glyn - Africa Series Patricia Glyn – “Dawid’s Return”
Patricia Glyn is a familiar face and voice to South African audiences, having been in broadcasting for the past 15 years. On radio she’s remembered best for “Patricia’s People” – a programme which profiled the great explorers, scientists, historians and eccentrics of the world. On TV, she’s hosted many different shows, among them the controversial documentary series ‘Point Blank’. Once again, Patricia has been trekking through the African wilderness in pursuit of a ghost. In 2005 she walked from Durban to the Victoria Falls in the footsteps of her long-dead ancestor Sir Richard Glyn. This year she set off for the Kalahari, to find traces of a long-dead Bushman by the name of Makai Kruiper – a legendary mystic, hunter and healer who roamed ‘The Thirst Land’ a century ago. And by her side was Makai’s grandson, Dawid, a man as legendary as his forebear.
Gert Cruywagen - Africa Series Dr Gert Cruywagen - Jungle Risk Management – Risk Lessons from the African Bush
Ever think the saying “it’s a jungle out there” related to you and your organization? See if you can spot similarities during this fascinating – and amusing presentation. Jungle Risk Management - Risk lessons from the African Bush explains in an informative and humorous way how animals in the African bush manage their risks (or not) to avoid becoming prey. It then relates these risk strategies to modern day organizations. Packed with fascinating facts about animals of the African bush, the book compares their behavior in the jungle to corporate strategies – both failures and successes. Award-winning risk manager, company director, speaker, author and wild-life enthusiast, Gert Cruywagen, will keep you entertained with facts, stories, case studies and anecdotes that are fascinating, informative and funny. This is a new and different way to look at the management of risk!
Rob Caskie - Africa Series Rob Caskie - Professional Speaker and Specialist Tour Guide
Rob Caskie began his own business in 2011 as a Professional Speaker and Specialist Tour Guide, after working with the late David Rattray from 2001 on the Anglo Zulu battlefields, where Rob honed his unique talent for storytelling. Rob’s ability to bring the drama of these battlefields to life ensured that he rapidly began to establish himself as a world-class orator. Rob believes there are powerful lessons to be learnt from the remarkable stories of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, which resonate especially with audiences today. Since 2004, Rob has presented extensively in the UK and South Africa to both corporate and private clients. His achievements were recognised with the honour of being invited to speak at the Royal Geographic Society in London to full houses in 2010. In September 2012, Rob was invited to showcase his talk 'Going South with Scott & Shackleton', fulfilling his lifelong passion with Antarctica.
Quinton Coetzee - Africa Series Quinton Coetzee - "Back to Basics: San Solutions"
Born in the Namib Desert, Quinton Coetzee spent most of his childhood in the African bush. Today, he is considered one of Southern Africa’s leading bushcraft specialists. His passion for adventure has taken him from bitter sub-Antarctic regions to the scorching deserts of the Middle-East. He has summitted the highest ice-peak in Russia and has lived with ‘vanishing’ tribes in Africa, the frozen wastelands of Outer Mongolia and the sweltering jungles of the Amazon basin. Quinton’s business message has universal appeal - he has addressed audiences in more than 30 countries worldwide. His talks assist people to tap into their natural potential... to improve their business skills and performance... and to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.
Ian Thomas - Africa Series Ian Thomas - "The Power of the Pride" Teamwork • Cooperation • Adapting to Change
Ian Thomas is an Economics Graduate with more than 10 years experience guiding and educating people through Southern Africa’s wild places. He has a unique ability to empathize with both individuals and groups. This background has given him an understanding of business and nature and how the two can complement and benefit each other. Ian is one of South Africa’s foremost wildlife photographers and has led many photographic seminars. A dynamic and inspiring presenter, Ian believes people, and especially business people, can absorb and learn from the animal kingdom. Sound business sense is interlaced with humour and an ability to tell stories. The audience leave enthralled and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues resulting in immense “take home” business value.
Gcina Mhlophe-Becker - Africa Series Gcina Mhlophe-Becker - Africa's Favourite Storyteller
Gcina is Africa’s Favourite Storyteller. Storytelling has become a popular business medium for conferences and seminars and Gcina is a master at creating stories to complement any business theme or special event. Gcina’s work has received awards from BBC Africa Service for Radio Drama, The Fringe First Award in the Edinburgh Festival, the Josef Jefferson Award in Chicago, and the prestigious OBIEs in New York. She has received Honorary Doctorates from the London Open University, the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the University of Pretoria, Fort Hare University and the University of Johannesburg.

Marie says, "When we have an overseas delegation coming to South Africa, we know that we cannot lose if we include one of our "Africa Series" speakers on the program. It is not unusual for the company to then invite the speaker back to their home country to share the message with their colleagues, staff or customers."

Some of the companies that have done this includes Nortel, Microsoft, Caltex, Legal and General, R J Temple, BACS, Richmont and Canada Life.


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