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Highly recommended motivational guest speakers

As one of South Africa’s top Professional Speakers Bureau’s, Marie Grey and Associates have become synonymous with high quality, motivational speaking events. The company’s guest speakers are all committed to bringing their inspiring words to various business related communication talks such as team building, leadership, sales and service and more.

Many companies throughout the world are always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage their staff and boost their productivity. Motivational speakers can provide a great source of encouragement to employees, giving them a new found inspiration for what they do, as well as offer advice on the various ways they can improve.

For sales teams specifically, motivational guest speakers can help by offering new techniques for cold-calling as well as create a new found enthusiasm for the products that are being sold. The overcoming of certain fears can also be overcome in this exercise, together with the building of relationships between colleagues so that they may continue to help and motivate each other. 

Based in Johannesburg, Marie Grey and Associates were established over 20 years ago by USA born Marie Grey. The work of MG&A and their guest speakers have helped many businesses and their staff to assess their skills and improve on them. The company’s professionals are also well known for their ability to spot and develop new talent, as well as their strong attention to detail in the service they provide.

If you are in the process of planning a sales or leadership conference, contact Marie Grey and Associates and found out about their services and guest speakers. In addition you will gain a motivational partner for your event and will be guaranteed a high quality, inspirational service. Contact MG&A’s expert team today for more information.


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