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South African Motivational Speakers


Discover A Selection Of The Best South African Motivational Speakers

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People tend to rather take advice from someone who they know have been in the same situation they have been, have faced the same obstacles, or can at least provide them with information in terms they can understand and using examples they can relate to. This is an important and valuable tip to keep in mind if you are in the process of booking a professional speaker for an event. Marie Grey and Associates is South Africa's leading Professional Speakers Bureau. We can help you get in touch with the leading South African motivational speakers – people who share a heritage with us and can make a difference by inspiring others with their stories, their experience and their enthusiasm for life.

At Marie Grey and Associates, selecting and booking leading South African motivational speakers couldn't be easier. By calling upon us you can expect:

  • Access the best conference speakers in the country
  • Get the quickest turn-around time in the business
  • Experience world-class service and attention to detail
  • Gain a "Partner" in your event planning
  • Acquire the greatest value for your money
  • Discover South Africa's longest established and most respected Speakers Bureau

We approach speakers in all walks of life to ensure we have speakers to meet every need you might have for your specific event. This has led to us having one of the largest selections of quality South African motivational speakers, including sports people, television personalities, leading business people, and a host of other interesting, fascinating and inspiring individuals. Even if you are interested in getting a personality to speak at your event that does not appear in our register, we have the necessary ability to arrange this for you in most cases.

To find out more about our outstanding selection of South African motivational speakers and to book one that will truly connect to your audience and make a difference, contact Marie Grey and Associates. With more than 20 years' experience, we are the leading Professional Speakers Bureau in South Africa.

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