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Motivating Your Team

An Effective Way Of Motivating Your Team

For most of us work is more than just a place where we spend our day to earn a salary. It forms such a huge part of our lives that it has a direct influence on our happiness and attitude. A good work environment is thus important. As a manager or boss, you obviously want your team to perform optimally. The best way to do this is to ensure that you create a working environment that is enjoyable, even if it is performance driven. Motivating your team will not only boost their morale, but spur them to put in extra effort and perform even more, because they would want to.

There are a number of ways of motivating your team – you can offer monetary or other material incentives, recognition always plays a vital role, or you can make use of a number of small but significant rewards, such as letting them go home a bit earlier after achieving a certain goal. Any team requires motivation from time to time, no matter how well they perform, and one exceptionally effective and mostly informative option is to employ a guest speaker to address your team on a relevant topic.

A motivational speaker has the advantage of being an individual who is removed from the organisation and therefore has the power to shift the perspective on an issue or belief and approach it from a different angle. A good speaker can thus play a crucial role in helping an organization communicate essential values to its employees. Often it's a case of reinforcing what management has been attempting to communicate for some time.

Marie Grey & Associates is South Africa's most successful and respected Speakers Bureau. Based in Johannesburg, the company was established over 20 years ago by founder Marie Grey. We are committed to bringing the most interesting, inspiring and best public speakers to your conference, seminar or gala event. If you require a speaker to help you with motivating your team, contact us and we can help you to choose the best speaker for your specific team.

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