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How to Make the Best use of Strategists

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The usual definition of a strategist is a person who takes into consideration all the practical factors that need to be implemented in the planning phases of a project. These factors can include the macro and micro economic status of the country as well as an in depth analysis of the competitive environment. Strategists use a variety of tools to ensure that they have an intimate knowledge of the organisation they are advising, as well as the environment within which the organisation operates. The best strategists make use of time tested tools such SWOT analysis to ensure that both they and their audiences understand what drives the creation of a durable strategy. Other tools are also employed by strategists, such as those developed by international authors in the strategy environment like Stephen Covey and similar business gurus.

The key to selecting the right strategist for your organisation is to make sure that not only are they familiar with the field within which the business operates, but that they are also able to convey their ideas in a succinct manner and in language that the audience understands. It does no good for strategists to speak in the language of the MBA when they are addressing a sales team that is only familiar with products that are applicable to a very small market segment.

Strategists can be sourced from a variety of different organisations. They are active in business schools and universities across South Africa and international experts can regularly be found doing speaking tours of the country. Be aware however that the costs of retaining the services of an international speaker can be extremely high. It is always a good idea to do a cost / benefit analysis prior to engaging the services of an international expert. These speakers are usually only suitable for extremely large organisations, with specific needs.

Perhaps the most suitable approach for the average, non listed organisation is to seek help from a conference organiser who will be able to identify the correct speaker for the specific needs of the organisation.

For a comprehensive listing of world class strategists who would suit your business needs contact us.

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