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Encouragement By Way Of Comedians

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It’s well known that laughter is the best medicine and this is true even in the world of business. A comedian can pep up even the most ailing of business concerns. You can add a bit of spice to your next event or seminar by having a comedian entertain and keep the affair light hearted. There are a variety of brilliant comedians in South Africa to choose from as well as budding talents who may just be breaking into the business but offer extremely good value for money. The value of comedy should never be underestimated, a wry observation or punch line can be used to bring across valuable business lessons in a light hearted manner. Humour has been proven to elevate serotonin levels in the brain giving a feeling of happiness and pleasure. The positive feelings that this encourages helps audiences view the memory of the event with fondness, entrenching any learning with a positive emotion and making them more long lasting.

A good comedian knows how to use humour to transcend all boundaries, whether cultural, economical, political or just a plain difference in opinion, and for this reason professional comedians are in great demand in South Africa, where our unique cultural and racial makeup can make seminars or presentations challenging. Comedians can help break down the barriers which are causing stress in the workplace and reducing efficiency.

Care should be taken to ensure that the comedian selected is just right for the event planned. Although some audiences might appreciate a more risqué approach to certain subjects many might find the more ribald approach insulting, thereby negating the positive feelings engendered by comedy. A thorough briefing of the comedian prior to the event, to bring them up to speed on the corporate culture is highly recommended.

If you think that a lighthearted approach would give your business the results it needs and that comedians might be a solution to your business needs then contact us.

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