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A Glance into the Crystal Ball with a Futurist

Imagine if your business had information that would enable it to gain significant market share through inside information about the future behaviour of consumers. The behaviour of consumers is influenced by a great many factors, including emerging technology and trends. What’s hot today may not be popular tomorrow. Take for instance the example of virtual pets that took the world by storm. Only a single year later they were nowhere to be found. Anticipating these trends is the job of a futurist, who will evaluate all the current trends in an effort to guide businesses towards the so called ‘next big thing’. A futurist is in essence someone who can see the big picture across a wide variety of fields, including economics and social trends. Today there is much excitement about what is called converging technology which many futurists believe will change the way that human beings interact with each other and therefore change the way we purchase goods and even our social structure.

Witness how the functionality of cellular phones has changed over the past decade. What was once a device for voice communication has now morphed into a multi function communication device that has added functionality that allows for a computing function, internet usage, a daily organiser and in the top end models much more. Futurists are now predicting that the use of text messaging using cellular telephony is actually changing the way a new generation thinks. This can have a huge impact on companies that are trying to market their goods to this increasingly savvy group of consumers.

The job of the futurist is sometimes incredibly complex, due to the many factors that impact on the ongoing evolution of society, however many of the recognised names have proved to be uncannily accurate in their forecasts of what tomorrows society will look like.

If you’re interested in the services of a futurist then contact us.

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