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Master of Ceremonies

For a Seamless Function Retain the Services of a Professional Master of Ceremonies

The key to a successful function is that it should entertain, inspire and avoid the impression of leadenness, which can be aptly described as avoiding the ‘ho hum’ factor or the ‘I’d rather be somewhere else’ mentality. One of the ways to avoid these effects is to retain the services of a competent Master of Ceremonies.  The juggling act that the professional Master of Ceremonies must undertake is one not easily understood by the layman. While making sure that function smoothly progresses from stage to stage the MC must in turn entertain and inform, while making sure that the process does not seem too laboured. The most successful MC’s are able to do this through a combination of humour and insight, while being able to gauge the mood of the audience successfully. This is a case of what’s good for the goose not necessarily being good for the gander. An audience made up of chartered accountants will be very different to that made up of petrol station owners.

The professional Master of Ceremonies will make the entire evening seem almost effortless. With a smile and a joke and some personal anecdotes a good MC will entertain and inform, and perhaps most importantly will keep the tempo of the evening at the right level to ensure that each speaker or act appears on cue and on time, which avoids any undue stress on the participants of the function.

By the time the professional MC has completed his or her duty the audience will feel that they have been treated to an evenings’ entertainment, not matter what the purpose of the function.

If you need advice on the correct Master of Ceremonies for your next function then contact us for expert help and guidance. We’ll help make your function the benchmark by which others will be judged.

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