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Conference Speaker

Enliven Your Event with a Conference Speaker

The experience most people have of conferences is deadly dull events enlivened only with mediocre food and Power Point productions noted only for their mediocrity. However the tend today is to intersperse the dry business content with contributions from thought leaders that motivate the attendees to think outside the box, in some instances about the macroeconomic pressures that influence their businesses and in other instances to examine to business processes that keep their company’s at the top or sometimes keep them from achieving greatness. A good conference speaker has the ability to both enliven a conference and cause introspection, sometimes at the same time. A truly great conference speaker can change the course of a business for ever. Conference speakers can range from thought leaders to political commentators or even comedians who can use humour to point out salient facts about a businesses operations or even poke fun at management to break down the walls that sometimes exist between the various levels of the management team.

By breaking the structure of the conference into easily manageable chunks the seasoned conference speaker can make the learnings that the attendees come away with easier to implement in the real world. The insights that can be facilitated by a conference speaker can make it easier for management to bring across the ideas about the future of the organisation by giving them talking points that can form the basis of workshops or breakaway groups. In many instances the conference speaker will be an integral part of these discussion forums.

The art of selecting the correct conference speaker is in defining exactly what the objectives of the conference are. Is the function of the conference to concentrate on strategy in the wider South African business context or is it to refine business processes?

If you want advice on the correct conference speaker for your event then contact us.

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